In August I decided to take a sabbatical from hospital medicine to find out what really makes me happy. The first month was full of panic and regret, days spend on the sofa mourning my loss of purpose, then as I recovered from what have been an exhausting two years as a junior doctor I started to enjoy life, seeing old friends that have been neglected by the impossible scheduling and erratic hours that comes with shift work and spending some of my hard earned money. Believe it or not there is only so much shopping you can do and friends have work and lives that don’t revolve around you. So then I had to think. What makes me happy!? What are my hobbies? Until now my only hobby was shopping and having bought an entire new wardrobe (and having a spending ban imposed by my husband) I had to rethink. Well. I need gratification and satisfaction in what I do. I knitting countless scarfs and snoods throughout university and have a fancy looking sewing machine I have never used. I love to bake. So I have decided bake, knit, sew and attempt to make.. anything really. Now I’m not good at any of these activities and I can’t ever follow a recipe or a pattern fully or with complete success so here are my chronicles of attempts, disasters and hopefully some success. I hope to inspire you to simply have a go and perhaps realise myself that anything is possible but you have to try..